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New legislation website

A new and improved NSW legislation website is now available. Updates and information about the site can be found on its homepage.

Government Gazette portal

Notices submitted to the Government Gazette are now processed through an online portal. To learn more about the portal, see the Gazette page on the NSW legislation website.

Instructing PCO

We provide a range of drafting services across drafting programs.

Instructors work with drafters to produce exceptional legislation for NSW, following strict drafting practices.

While we do not draft legislation for members of the public, we do provide instructors with instructing guidelines to ensure a great working relationship.

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Access to legislation

At PCO, we manage the NSW legislation website . Through this, we provide online access to legislation for the public at large.

Note: While we manage the legislation website, we are able not to provide legal or research advice as we do not interpret the application of the law.

If you require legal or research help, please see FAQ for a list of resources.

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