What to expect

Located in the Sydney CBD, we are a vital link in the legislative process, working with Cabinet, Parliament and other Government agencies to manage the Parliamentary and regulatory programs and to provide public access to legislation.

We work collaboratively across government agencies to support effective and co-ordinated government in New South Wales.

Who we're looking for

We employ highly skilled professionals in these areas—

  • specialist lawyers who draft (that is, write) legislation, called legislative drafters,
  • editorial and publishing staff who help refine draft legislation to ensure its accuracy and maintain content that can be accessed on the legislation website,
  • IT staff who develop and support the complex systems used to draft and provide public access to legislation,
  • corporate and administrative staff who keep the office running through financial, HR, governance, administrative, executive support and client engagement services.

Diversity and inclusion

We are committed to ensuring the PCO reflects the community it serves. Diverse workforces are more innovative, productive and increase the delivery of high-quality services. We welcome and encourage applications from diverse community groups including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, LGBTI people, people with a disability and women.

Suitably qualified applicants who have a disability are encouraged to apply and should contact the PCO if they have any special requirements.

Learning and development

All our new employees undergo a tailored onboarding and development program to introduce them to the specialist processes, systems and skills used at the PCO.

We work continually to improve our development programs for employees at each stage of their career, using a mix of formal training programs, on-the-job development opportunities (such as projects, acting roles and secondments) and mentoring and coaching.

We also run an in-house Continuing Professional Development program that meets the annual requirements for those employees holding practising certificates as government lawyers.

Flexible working

As of 2019, New South Wales public sector roles are flexible on an ‘if not, why not?’ basis. Flexible working includes any work arrangement that changes standard hours, days or location of work on a temporary or long-term basis.

We are committed to finding innovative ways to ensuring roles can be flexible while services meet the high standard expected by our clients.

NSW Graduate Program

We participate in the NSW Government Graduate Program , which offers 18 months experience across different NSW government agencies, helping graduates to build a strong foundation of skills for their career. The PCO currently employs graduates from the program in legal and IT roles.

When available, positions are advertised on I Work For NSW and should be applied for through that website. If you are applying for a position with us, you should read over the following—

A contact person and telephone number are provided for each role we advertise and you are encouraged to make contact to discuss the role, the capabilities we are looking for and the recruitment process.